Blue Angel Restaurant

Established in 1961, Blue Angel has since gained a reputation for serving some of the finest seafood and Wagyu Beef in Australia. 

With beautiful heritage facade and hand painted ceilings, at the Blue Angel you can enjoy a unique fusion of East and West cuisine in the comfort of a private room or next to one of our many signature aquariums. We are also available for lunches with a minimum requirement of 50 people.


Signature Dishes —


Misto Crudo Sashimi

A selection of fresh Lobster Sashimi, Salmon, Tuna, Oysters and Salmon Tartar.

$188.00 for two (Lobsters starting at $178.00 per kilo.)


Lobster Carpaccio

Signature lobster sashimi pounded flat and lightly dressed with in-house sauce. $128.00 per kilo. 


Tagliatelle alla Russa 

Traditional tagliatelle pasta prepared with with salmon chives, cream, and a splash of vodka. $38.00 per person. 


Wagyu Beef 

Wagyu Beef full blood Master Kobe marbling score 9+ (sliced and weighed at your table).

Sirloin & Tenderloin both $35.00 per 100g. 


Crepe Suzette 

Crepe Suzette prepared at your table in a traditional style for $28.00 per person. 

Additional choice of Crepe Ala Beijing prepared at your table and flamed with Chinese Moutai $45.00 per person. 


Moutai Gelato

Blue Angel's signature Moutai Gelato. Contains 55% alcohol and is only available for diners 18 years or older. $20.00 per person. 



Beef Wellington 

Minimum of 600g served with a side salad and fried potatoes. Approximate cooking time is 45 minutes. $45.00 per 100g. 


Risotto Porcini 

Risotto with black truffle and finished at your table in an traditional parmigiano wheel.  Cooking time is approximately 25 minutes. $68.00 


King Island Crab

Live King Island Crab prepared especially at your table by proprietor Marcello Marcobello with signature in-house recipe. 


Steak Diane 

Wagyu Beef prepared at your table with garlic, mustard, cognnac and Worcestershire sauce. $68.00 


Bomme Alaska 

Traditional Bomme Alaska recipe with a boost of Moutai served for a minimum of six persons. $38.00 per person. 


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Private dining rooms are from 10 pax to 100 (all first floor). We are also available for lunches with a minimum requirement of 50 people.


223 Palmer Street
Sydney, Australia 2010



Mon – Sun, 6 pm – 11 pm






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